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Founded  in March 2007 as an automotive online lease transfer marketplace facilitating the transfer of  unexpired car leases from an individual who wants out of their contract before the lease expires, to an individual who wants to get into a short term lease, SwitchTrader.com has been at the forefront of car lease transfers.

In  2013 we expanded our scope of business , retooled our site and developed  mobile apps for apple and android phones to create  a dynamic,  automotive online classified marketplace for private individuals and car dealers to market and promote their new and used vehicles.

Our core business is United States founded and based however the scope of our business applies to Canada as well where the multiple similarities in the automotive landscape made it an important part of our objective in our desire to make the lease transferring , buying, selling and leasing of automobiles a non stressful  experience in North America.

Founder and director of operations Mark Leiba has been in the automotive business since 1997 operating  an OEM replacement parts company in Medley Florida which he sold to a Japanese  company.

Moving on to importing vehicles from Asia, namely Japan, Singapore and China which he exported to the Caribbean and Latin America, in 2000 he pioneered the staging and transshipment  of JDM  vehicles in Port Everglades Florida through a company he named Autoterminal.com while in collaboration with Japanese partners.  

At SwitchTrader.com our aim is to provide a safe, user friendly matchmaking platform where car buyers and sellers meet to conduct business, our dedicated SwitchTrader.com team members are committed to helping users of our site achieve that goal. 

Your  success is our success.

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